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Online: Sharjah v Khor Fakkan Live Stream 15/12/2023

LIVE Streaming Al-Sharjah VS Khor Fakkan Match ScoreYouTube · Bibbob Studio860+ views · 1 year ago YouTube · Bibbob Studio YouTube · Bibbob Studio · Translate this page 2:55:04

See also[edit] E 99 road (United Arab Emirates) Shees Park Khor Fakkan Amphitheatre Al Rafisah Dam References[edit] ^ Khor'fakkan, — statistics ^ a b c d e f g h i j k "Khorfakkan About Khorfakkan". Archived from the original on 2021-10-28. Retrieved 2021-10-28. ^ a b c d e "Everything You Need to Know about Khorfakkan Beach - MyBayut". A blog about homes, trends, tips & life in the UAE | MyBayut. Retrieved 2021-10-28. ^ a b Carter, Terry; Dunston, Lara (2006). When the Persians were expelled, the Portuguese commander Rui Freire urged the people of Khorfakkan to remain loyal to the Portuguese crown and established a Portuguese customs office as well. [19][20] The restored heritage village of Najd Al Miqsar, located in the suburbs of Khor Fakkan, is a popular tourist spot. In 1737, long after the Portuguese had been expelled from Arabia, the Persians again invaded Khor Fakkan, with some 5, 000 men and 1, 580 horses, with the help of the Dutch, during their intervention in the Omani civil war. [21] In 1765 Khor Fakkan belonged to a sheikh of the Al Qasimi, Sharjah's ruling family, according to the German traveler Carsten Niebuhr. There is a map by the French cartographer Rigobert Bonne dating to about 1770 that shows the Arabian Peninsula and the Persian Gulf and includes Khor Fakkan. [5] At the turn of the 19th century, Lorimer notes that Khor Fakkan had about 5, 000 date trees and was home to about 150 houses of Naqbiyin and Arabicised Persians, amounting to some 800 people. [30][31] Geography and climate[edit] Khor Fakkan lies on the east coast of the UAE, between the Indian Ocean and the Shumayliyyah[32][33] or Western Hajar Mountains. [34][2][3] The bay of Khor Fakkan is north-east facing and is protected from prevailing winds by a jetty serving the container terminal. [2] Tourism is well developed thanks to sandy beaches and the coral reefs that attract many divers. Khor Fakkan Beach lies to the north of the center of the town. [2][3] From November to April Khor Fakkan is sunny and warm during the day; the evenings are cool and humidity low. [35][36] Daytime temperatures range from 18 to 30 °C (64 to 86 °F). [35][36] One may expect rain and tropical storms between January and March. The climate warms from May to September with the high temperature at noon in July and August reaching 40 °C (104 °F). The nights too are warm, with the temperature reaching 36 °C (97 °F), with high humidity. [35][36][37] Landmarks[edit] Al Rabi hiking trail in Khor Fakkan Khor Fakkan has one 4 star holiday beach resort, the Oceanic Hotel. It notes several wells with "good and fresh water" used for irrigation. One reason suggested for the ruinous state of the forts is an invasion in 1623 of the Persian navy under the control of Omani Sheikh Muhammad Suhari. Suhari, facing a Portuguese counterattack, withdrew to the Portuguese forts, including that of Khorfakkan. Al Bataeh - Khor Fakkan Live - UAE Premier League Eurosport is your source for the latest UAE Premier League match updates. Get the full recap of Al Bataeh - Khor Fakkan, complete with stats and highlights. Hatta - Khor Fakkan Live - UAE Premier League V. de Marco. 7. Lourency. 12. T. Leonço. 3. R. Pereira. 20. M. Sulaiman. 71. D Make Eurosport your go-to source for sports online from football to tennis, ... [38] The fish, fruit and vegetable souq is located at the southern end of the corniche and near the main highway. [4] Shees Park, a recreational park is located near the village of Shis. [39][40][41] The highest building in the city is the Al Suhub Rest House, which overlooks Khor Fakkan from a height of 580 metres above sea level. Gallery[edit] Al Rafisah dam in Khor Fakkan Resistance monument in Khor Fakkan A mosque in Khor Fakkan Khor Fakkan beach East view, with the Shumayliyyah or Western Hajar Mountains in the background View to the western landscape Notable people[edit] H. Football, United Arab Emirates: Khorfakkan live scores, Khorfakkan Club page on offers livescore, results, standings and match details (goal scorers, red cards, …).


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