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Dinamo Zagreb VS Hajduk Split live match 17 December 2023 Watch Live

ŽNK Dinamo Zagreb is going head to head with ŽNK Hajduk starting on 9 Oct 2023 at 13:00 UTC . The match is a part of the 1. HNLŽ. ŽNK Dinamo Zagreb played ...

GNK Dinamo Zagreb vs Hajduk Split [LIVE] Score [LIVE] Follow the GNK Dinamo Zagreb vs Hajduk Split Score Live & Match Result with our football Livescore. Prva HNL Match played on 21 July 2023 13:00. In addition, the substitute players will probably be Borna Buljan, Fahd Moufi, Josip Elez, Dino Mikanovic, Simun Hrgovic, Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe, Anthony Kalik, Yassine Benrahou, Tino Blaz Laus, Roko Brajkovic and Filip Cuic. Soccer bets–there's much to consider There are so many things to consider when picking out a winner, but the key is finding value in betting selections. Bets that are estimated to pay a high rate need you to take multiple metrics into account, for example the teams' past performances, lineups, the weather and h2h records. Although a draw has small chances of occurring, respectively 27. Hajduk Split vs Dinamo Zagreb 01.10.2023 – Live Odds & Real-time betting odds for the football match between Hajduk Split and Dinamo Zagreb. Statistical analysis of bookie odds for the Dinamo Zagreb – Hajduk ... Although there's no final lineup yet, it is likely that Sergej Jakirovic will put Gabriel Vidovic and Bruno Petkovic at the front of his 4-2-3-1 formation, followed by Mauro Perkovic, Takuro Kaneko, Josip Misic, Petar Sucic and Martin Baturina in the midfield. The defense might consist of Stefan Ristovski, Bosko Sutalo and Dino Peric, while Danijel Zagorac will try to prevent Hajduk Split [at Poljud Stadium] of scoring goals. Ivan Nevistic, Sadegh Moharrami, Maxime Bernauer, Robert Ljubicic, Tibor Halilovic, Marko Bulat, Luka Vrbancic, Mahir Emreli, Sandro Kulenovic, Antonio Marin, Gabrijel Rukavina and Dario Spikic will probably sit on the bench in case of a substitution. HNK Hajduk Split's defense will probably consist of Ismael Diallo, Filip Uremovic and Zvonimir Sarlija, who will try to protect Ivan Lucic's goal. At the front of the field, Marko Livaja and Leon Dajaku will try to outmanoeuver the opposing defense, while Mihael Zaper, Niko Kristian Sigur, Rokas Pukstas, Filip Krovinovic and Emir Sahiti will form the midfield. Dinamo Zagreb vs HNK Hadjuk Split Naturally, both teams want to win the game, although GNK Din Zagreb seems to be in favor of the odds with a 48.3% chance. HNK Hajduk Split, with a probability ... 85%. The most likely scoreline for a Dinamo Zagreb win was 1-0 with a probability of 12. 14%. The next most likely scorelines for that outcome were 2-0 (10. 03%) and 2-1 (9. 61%). The likeliest drawn scoreline was 1-1 (11. 63%), while for a Hajduk Split win it was 0-1 (7. 05%). The actual scoreline of 1-2 was predicted with a 5. 6% likelihood. ResultDinamo ZagrebDrawHajduk Split53. 65%24. 7%, GNK Dinamo's victory is likely to happen. Professionals attribute them a 48. 9% probability of winning the match. The experts also consider that Hajduk Split [at Poljud Stadium] has a 23. 4% chance of winning. Live betting involves appreciating a handful of factors which could impact the ultimate outcome of a match such as: GNK Dinamo Zagreb have a winning streak of 5 matches. GNK Dinamo Zagreb scores 1. Given their performance in the past, GNK Dinamo is likely to take on a formation of 4-2-3-1 in the next game: • Goalkeeper: Danijel Zagorac • Defense: Stefan Ristovski, Bosko Sutalo, Dino Peric • Midfield: Mauro Perkovic, Takuro Kaneko, Josip Misic, Petar Sucic, Martin Baturina • Attack: Gabriel Vidovic, Bruno Petkovic Hajduk Split [at Poljud Stadium]'s manager will probably send these players onto the field: • Goalkeeper: Ivan Lucic • Defenders: Ismael Diallo, Filip Uremovic, Zvonimir Sarlija • Midfielders: Mihael Zaper, Niko Kristian Sigur, Rokas Pukstas, Filip Krovinovic, Emir Sahiti • Attackers: Marko Livaja, Leon Dajaku The confirmed lineup will be available one hour before kickoff on Oddspedia. It could be a tough match to play, sincetemperatures could reach 4°C that day. Precipitation could also be a challenge, since chances for clear are quite high. At least wind shouldn't be a problem, gusts are only expected to reach speeds of 9kmph. Compared to their competitor, HNK Hajduk Split is currently leading by two positions at the upper part of the table; and with GNK Dinamo Zagreb being on third position they might have a hard time proving they're the better team. Lineups – GNK Dinamo Zagreb vs. HNK Hajduk Split probable starters Without further ado here 's the expected starting lineup for each team. Dinamo Zagreb 1-2 Hajduk Split - Croatian 1. HNL - July 21, 2023 - Match Guide, Data Analysis, Standings - Football - Sports MoleCoverage of the Croatian 1. HNL clash between Dinamo Zagreb and Hajduk Split. Data AnalysisOur analysis of all available data, including recent performances and player stats up until an hour before kickoff, suggested the most likely outcome of this match was a Dinamo Zagreb win with a probability of 53. 65%. A draw had a probability of 24. 5% and a win for Hajduk Split had a probability of 21. Dinamo Zagreb vs HNK Hadjuk Split » Predictions, Odds, Live Scores & StatsCroatia HNL fans in Zagreb are already excitedly awaiting the 19th matchday when GNK Dinamo Zagreb will face HNK Hajduk Split in a match on Sunday the 17th December 2023. Up to 35123 people will watch the game live at 04:15 PM UTC when Patrik Kolaric blows the starting whistle. Not much time has passed since both teams met the last time. Dinamo Zagreb vs Hajduk Split Live Stream, Team Stats offer Dinamo Zagreb vs Hajduk Split live stream, live score, live odds and team stats of Croatia 1.Division.


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