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What are the current trends in SUBTLE Style?

In theory, these Bracelets For Couples could be whatever you want they can be, however the reality of it dictates its rules.

They can be small solid metal rings or rings that have only one stone with special significance for the wearer, rings featuring smaller stones, or small solitaire rings. They can be set up and blended with other styles. They are great to wear on a daily basis.

Rings with architectural designs or styles that are sculpted in metal, where their texture is what highlights the design and fall under a distinct class. Promise rings for couples should be in a similar style. You can pick any style you like if you want to give your boyfriend this ring to give as a gift.

The rule is simple: Rings with small stones and minimalist designs can be worn by both women and men. They are also simple to dress. So even if you pick the ring to surprise someone with no participation from the person you love it can be worn with a variety of jewelry collections.

You can choose the unisex rings, or those with the same stones, however they have more feminine and masculine designs "for the two of you". One of the elements will work regardless, whereas the other will showcase your individuality.

Nearly a Proposal (BUT NOT YET): HOW ARE PROMISE rings to be presented? And when?

Presenting a promise ring is an important step from two perspectives The first is to tell your partner you'll be marrying them. Then, you tell that the marriage has not been planned specifically yet and is not an official proposal. The engagement ring, as the wedding ring, will start all of the merry-making that leads up to marriage. But this engagement ring is yet to arrive.

The ring should be presented in a informal and sweet, but it isn't meant to be grand and the flamboyance of engagement (where many families will show up to see video footage, and cry happy tears later). This is only between two of you, and it's not a formal engagement, so don't get on your knee. It's going to be completely deceiving.

Now we are able to address the question about whether it is appropriate to present the promise ring (or accept one) in a relationship. It should happen when you have both decided to make a commitment to getting married in the near future. The ring represents of your end of a relationship without commitment.

Before taking the first step to commit, talk with your partner about the plans. You could exchange rings (or buy the wedding ring) when you are both in agreement that your proposal will be sooner or later.



They're not exactly the identical. An engagement ring means a proposal, specific wedding date, and the beginning of the preparation process, in contrast, a promise ring represents the promise to propose later, or to make a commitment to the person you are proposing to like in wedding.


Engagement rings are intended for proposal and fixed dates for marriage. Rings that symbolize a milestone in marriages, for example, the first anniversary of the wedding or the birth of a child. The name Eternity Rings comes from the fact that they are adorned with small diamonds that cover the entire band of the ring. This is visible to others when the ring is worn.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE PERFECT Moment to present a Promise ring?

The moment when you decide to be together for the foreseeable future. The promise ring marks this important moment for both of you, and provides a new perspective for the future steps such as engagement, and so on. Make sure that you don't make the giving of the ring the event a grand public spectacle. Keep it solely for the engagement rings.


They can be of whatever style you and your loved ones are into, but it's suggested that they be delicate and minimal (no boring). Simple metal bands, subtle made pieces, one-stone rings and stone cluster rings are your most appropriate choices. They are so that they will not be the subject of unnecessary inquiries but will be versatile enough to suit any kind of outfit you choose for daily wear.

Which hand and finger should a ring of promise be worn on?

You can wear it on a ring or the middle finger of either hand. If it is worn on the ring of the left hand, the ring can be linked to engagement.

How do you give a promise ring to your loved ones?

It should be a relaxed, intimate relationship between you. The ring should be presented only ring once you have discussed the future in a way that both of you share the same dream. Remind them that this isn't an invitation, but promise rings are a symbol of an eventual proposal.

Where to buy the Promise Ring?

Purchase a ring at a reputable jewelry shop that can identify the origins of the stone and offer the best selection of styles. You can also visit sites that specialize in rings for weddings, engagements, and promise-making. There you'll definitely find something special. The best part is that you have the option to alter the size your ring within the house if required.


Promise rings are slim and elegant, so they can be stacked with a wedding or engagement ring. It is also possible to mix them with other rings.

If you are ruled to be a rogue What should you do? Ring or give it back?

That's a tricky question, and it's a final decision of two people together. If you decide to exchange rings with your ex-partner and you are able to get the ring you gifted to him, and the other way around. You can decide to keep them in their current state, or return the engagement ring but not accept the ring that was given to you (if the relationship ended that significantly). The jewelry will become less valuable if you decide to keep it. It becomes another piece of jewellery in your jewelry collection.


Loving and dedication are vital to our lives, and accessories and objects that remind us of important moments are invaluable. Choose the most suitable ones for someone you love, and these rings (and other presents) will always remind your loved one of how much you cherish them. Our shop is a trusted assistant in this vital choice of engagement rings.


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